Frequently asked questions

Can I install a built-in barbecue and oven myself or should I hire a professional?

The process to build our Barbecue is really a simple process as you will get pictures with all the process you need but also the pieces have numbers to make it even easier for you but what you have to watch out for is the weight as some pieces can be quite heavy.

What is the average lifespan of a built-in barbecue and oven?

We cannot give you an exact life span for your barbecue as this may depend on various conditions but our barbecues are made very carefully and with high quality materials, an average life span for our barbecues and ovens is 10 years without any problem

Where do you send ?

We ship all over the world but we do not yet have a cooperation with a postal company that ships all over the world, so you can also suggest the carrier you would like us to use