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BBQ in Germany

Find the best barbecues on the market and the main dealer from many BBQ in Berlin resellers, a purchase from us saves you time and money, because you buy from the destination dealer and do not involve third parties in the intermediate process.

The production factory is located in Greece and for the last 15+ years we have been investing continuously to make our products more beautiful and ergonomic, so we have managed to create a very wide range of barbecues for all spaces.

In our company you will find built-in barbecues for all areas such as for your terrace, your garden and even for your company.

The materials we use are certified by the European Union to be sure both we and you that the product will last for several years and that you will be satisfied with its performance and that the food you will eat every time will remind you of how much this purchase was worth it after all.

BBQ in Berlin


How to Contact With Us:

Whats App: +30 6948683308

Ebay Store:

Instagram: xsd_barbeques

For delivery BBQ in Berlin you will get very low and fast delivery on all our products and all colours available

After really several years in the market and having seen and learned many things about BBQs and Ovens we are here to deliver you the most ergonomic, modern and convenient for all spaces products.

it is also very easy to build as you will be given the proper instructions.

The process of choosing the BBQ of your choice and getting it to your venue is actually very simple.

The first thing to do is to take the measurements of the area where you will place the barbecue or the oven (or both).

( BBQs in size can be up to 170 cm wide and 87 cm deep, It’s very easy to make them smaller but difficult for bigger ones ).

Then, all you have to do is to see our product catalogue (All our products can be resized according to your space requirements).

And last step send us a message wherever you wish, to tell us the design you are interested in with the dimensions and tell you the price. Everything else is taken care of by us.

And that’s it, enjoy the barbecue with the most traditional dishes

Create a place to have an even better time with your friends and family with a barbecue.

Why should you buy from us ?

Because only here you will find the most modern products that do not exist elsewhere in the market.

The cost for the purchase of the product and the shipping costs are the lowest you will find.

The products we use for the creation of our barbecues are certified.

Fast delivery to your place and very easy way of product placement.

BBQ in Germany

As a company we sell in retail and wholesale and we are competitive both in quality and price this is what makes STERGIOULAS – XSD the strongest barbecue company in the market.

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