Modern Build-in Barbecues, Pizza Ovens, Cyclothermic Ovens, Barbecue Grills, BBQ Set and more, you will find more details below.

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About Company

Address: Delta, Larissa, Trikala 421 00 ( On Google Maps Search for: XSD - Stergioulas )

WhatsApp: +30 6947304533 or +30 6948683308

Name of the company owner: Stergioulas Daniel

What colours do we have?

The colours which you can buy from us a BBQ or an oven are: Black, Brown, Red and Yellow. The bricks we use are from the Greek company with certification.

Grills – Build-In Barbecue SET

In our company you will find a wide range of Barbeque Set with ” Pizza Ovens ” But also ” Cyclothermic Ovens , Sinks, storage space and countertops in NEW innovative designs that you will find only in XSD – Stergioulas

Χτιστά Μπάρμπεκιου

Build-In Barbecue Set

A Barbecue Set in XSD can include many things, such as benches, sinks and even Ovens ( Cyclothermic or Classic ) and all of them are offered in modern designs for new constructions and more classic ones. For all spaces and tastes ! Under all the benches and our grills and grills you will find a large storage space to put your things, in this way you have the space you had before for your things and a beautiful BBQ to spend beautiful moments with your family and friends.

What is a Cyclothermic Furnace?

It consists of 2 independent parts , an external prefabricated housing consisting of aggregates and refractory materials, and an internal metal structure.

The advantages of this device over existing traditional firebrick ovens are several: – Combines 2 uses in one (Oven & BBQ) in one device – Achieves high temperatures very quickly due to its metal internal construction and maintains them, resulting in very high fuel economy.

(WOOD) – In the cyclothermic oven there is the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the chamber by adding or removing wood to the fire source located at the base of the oven, resulting in ideal roasting of the roasts, which is not always possible in traditional ovens – It has a limited volume and aesthetically impeccable lines.

-It offers the possibility of being carried with great ease due to its assembled form with metal bolts; -The anodized ( inox ) inner chamber ( circular shape ) and the 2 nickel-plated racks ( cooking area ) provide an excellent and above all hygienic environment for the food to be baked. – It has a special thermometer to control the temperature of the chamber up to 350 degrees Celsius. – Its cast iron door, its anti-heat lock and its fireproof crystal control window give the appliance a high level of efficiency.

The oven base has an integrated small grill with an adjustable rack at two heights.

Barbecues – Built Barbecue Modern ( Inox )

Inox Modern Barbecues, Charcoal Barbecues in a wide range of NEW and innovative designs that you will only find with us, but we don’t just stand out there. Find the right BBQ for your space (Home or Shop).

Modern Barbecue Charcoal Barbecues, Sets or individually. For Prices and all our designs click >> HERE <<

Χτιστό μοντέρνο μπάρμπεκιου με πάγκο και νεροχύτη
Stergioulas outdoor living, barbecue at gardens home. Modern new design with Inox